If you like yoga, meditation, stunning locations, exciting activities and super fresh healthy food, then we have what you’re looking for! ou will go home feeling refreshed, relaxed and inspired.

The Team

Laura Watson

Laura founded the practice after visiting Rishikesh in Northern India to study in Ashrams on the banks of the Ganges. Even though she had to dodge hyperactive monkeys and over friendly holy cows she managed to find inner peace and never looked back. Since returning from India Laura has set up Yoga Wellbeing in London. Laura is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (number R0062004) and holds a Level 3 qualification in teaching yoga.

Paul Brown

Paul found yoga by surprise, thumbing through a dusty 70?s yoga book full of lycra leotards. He decided that this was a world he wanted to enter into. He is Yoga Wellbeings mastermind marketer and a major technical geek.


Currently living out of a backpack in South East Asia, Leroy provides us with healthy ayurvedic recipe ideas every week gleaned from his latest stop over. This guy loves food he used to work at some of the best healthy eating establishments in London.

Carol Watson

The best cook we know – Carol puts many of Leroys recipes to the test for our clients, she also doubles up as our trusty driver!

Sarah Wellington

She is new and she is our lifestyle blogging guru, she will constantly be searching the globe for the latest yoga clothes, accessories and related health products and will be adding them regularly to the website.