Hatha Yoga Retreat Spain?

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Hatha Yoga Retreat Spain?

Over the last few years, Yoga Retreats in Spain have become the trendy way of adding an extra bit of relaxation to a holiday.

However, less intrepid travellers would probably ask why anyone would want the hassle of flying abroad when it is possible to experience a retreat closer to home. Well, just as Bikram or hot yoga is thought to help the body sweat out toxins and allow the practitioner to safely come deeper into the poses or stretches, practising in a warm climate can have similar benefits. Whatever yogic style takes your fancy, it is always more energising to perform a Sun Saluation in the face of that orange glow of a beautiful sunset.

The warmth of a Mediterranean evening and the audible backdrop of waves splashing on a nearby shore and the whole thing seems to flow easier.

We have had many yogis/yogini’s that have commented on the benefits of our retreats are they can highlight areas of yoga that cannot always be focused on in a single hour-long class once a week. The time to calm the mind as well as develop your physical practice is such a benefit from a four day or even better a week long retreat.

Let’s face it Spanish retreats can involve slightly more expense, but tend to be more exclusive with fewer students per teacher. This means that the classes can involve more personal hands-on teaching relating to each individual needs. Offering a more personalised approach.

Yes, suddenly going abroad for a long weekend yoga retreat to take in some brilliant sunshine becomes something that could be added to the calender. Don’t forget to pack your mat and your sun lotion.

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