Yoga Holiday Spain

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Yoga Holiday Spain

Our Yoga Holiday was spent in the stunning mountain scenery of the Monasterio Santa Eulalia. We arrived on the Friday to a beautiful sunset and an amazing dinner of fresh seafood. The morning yoga session was set up the mountains at sunrise watching the different colours change the land. Arriving at our platform nestled in mountain range Laura taught a energising yoga session. We were surrounded by natural beauty and settled down to relaxation with the sounds of the local birds twittering away. It was a far cry from the Yoga in London studio.

We spent the day relaxing and having a wander around the local artisan market that comes to the monasterio. We tried local organic cheeses, got to try out a pottery workshop and bought some beautiful local essential oils. We then all floated to our evening session and said goodbye to the sun and another day. What an amazing area this is, I felt so inspired that I sat and drew the landscape for an hour, something I haven’t given myself the time for back in London.

That became the main theme throughout the retreat, giving yourself the time to invest in yourself as a whole. We are organising another luxury yoga break in October at the Monasterio Santa Eulalia. To book now then click here, we would love to hear from you.

Yoga Retreats UK

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Yoga Retreats UK

At Yoga Holidays we would like to offer you the type of yoga retreat that would work for you on the retreat and when you return home to the world of washing up and tube journey’s. On one of our next retreats we will be looking at yoga for a better posture and lower back pain.

We seem to be living in a society that promotes sitting. How often do you hear the words “Please take a seat” in one day?

Statistics show that people spend 35 years of their life sitting. It’s quite shocking isn’t it? The other down side is that most of us sit with very poor posture.

If in doubt, check the way your work colleagues sit at the office or pay attention to the way commuters read the papers on the train. It can be an eye opener.

At Yoga Holidays as yoga teachers, posture and alignement are our specialist subject. If you would like to know more about how you can improve your posture and get rid of back pains. Come along

Yoga Retreats

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Yoga Retreats

When booking a yoga retreat in the UK, some yogis would rather look good in a bikini than consider the spiritual side. Everyone has there own reason’s on booking onto a retreat, some first time yoga holiday yogis are more interested in the physical side.

And in fact most people, who attend yoga classes at an early stage don’t stop to think about meditation or how well their Seven Chakras are aligned.

Sports play an important part in our everyday life because people have come to realize that their health is directly related to the type of lifestyle they choose to adopt. Here’s a our top five benefits for joining a yoga retreat this Summer;

1. Yoga is a good medicine for our body. Yoga is probably the first physical activity that will help you get rid of locomotor problems thanks to the wonderful postures that enable us to work our joints and muscles without damaging them. The same is valid for our back problems which will be soon forgotten if you stretch your spine with the help of these poses. People who suffer from bad blood circulation can improve the circulatory system with the help of several inverted yoga positions.

2. Yoga – an invincible enemy of the stress. When they practice yoga, people concentrate on the moves they make while taking deep breaths. This is the best method to free your mind of any thoughts and thus, rest your brain for a while. If you work in a stressful environment, yoga will help you restore your inner balance by putting a stop to your frenetic lifestyle.

3. Yoga is the best remedy against obesity. Sedentariness and bad food habits have caused a lot of weight problems to the entire population of the planet. Thanks to yoga, you can take up a healthier lifestyle and the meditation will enable you to stick with it. Unlike other type of sports which may be difficult to practice, such as, bicycling or jogging, yoga does not require a lot of physical efforts, but it will definitely help you lose weight and tone your muscles.

4. Yoga offers personal trainings. There isn’t just one type of yoga exercises, so people can choose to practice the poses that are more appropriate for them and their intentions. However, the intensity and the difficulty of the yoga poses will vary as the practitioner gets accustomed with the poses.

5. Yoga – a communion with nature. There is nothing that can help you restore your inner balance like the contemplation of nature; therefore, yoga is now practiced in the most peaceful natural environments. People who choose to leave the city life for a couple of weeks will also benefit from the wisdom of the best Hindu practitioners.

Here at Yoga Holidays we would love to hear your thoughts. Does it surprise you that many yoga teachers promote yoga for weight loss, slimming yoga or even sexy yoga? What message are yogis sending out there when they advertise yoga retreats, yoga holidays or yoga classes?

All inclusive holidays 2011

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All inclusive holidays 2011

All inclusive holidays can be eco friendly.  Yet choosing a genuinely eco-friendly escape can be complicated; from deciding how to travel, to researching the eco merits of the tour operator or hotel and how the food is sourced.

The first consideration is your choice of location, and method of transport. If you’re off to Europe, even the more distant corners, travelling by train is often a brilliant option.

If you are flying, offset CO2 emissions by paying money to an organisation such as Climate Care ( The money will be invested in projects supporting energy renewal schemes and reforestation.

Why not try to opt for greener hotels and B&Bs such as guesthouses and homestays. ‘The ‘eco-friendly’ label is used too easily by hotels, spas and retreats across the globe, which in reality still offer water in plastic bottles, use toxic toiletries in the bathrooms and fill the bedrooms with unnecessary electric gadgets. Most are still using chlorine in their pools and hot tubs, and fossil fuels to heat their water.

Thinking and buying local once your arrive is also crucial. Hiring local guides where possible, staying in locally run accommodation, eating in local restaurants and trading with local craftspeople. A growing number of tour operators and hotels now reinvest in the local community by employing local people and sourcing ethically produced food.

There is also the popular option of volunteering with environmental charities such as Earthwatch; devoting time to working directly with the environment is perhaps the ultimate way to holiday with a conscience. Whichever eco friendly course you decide on for your yoga holiday, it will still have a positive impact.

Hatha Yoga Retreat Spain?

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Hatha Yoga Retreat Spain?

Over the last few years, Yoga Retreats in Spain have become the trendy way of adding an extra bit of relaxation to a holiday.

However, less intrepid travellers would probably ask why anyone would want the hassle of flying abroad when it is possible to experience a retreat closer to home. Well, just as Bikram or hot yoga is thought to help the body sweat out toxins and allow the practitioner to safely come deeper into the poses or stretches, practising in a warm climate can have similar benefits. Whatever yogic style takes your fancy, it is always more energising to perform a Sun Saluation in the face of that orange glow of a beautiful sunset.

The warmth of a Mediterranean evening and the audible backdrop of waves splashing on a nearby shore and the whole thing seems to flow easier.

We have had many yogis/yogini’s that have commented on the benefits of our retreats are they can highlight areas of yoga that cannot always be focused on in a single hour-long class once a week. The time to calm the mind as well as develop your physical practice is such a benefit from a four day or even better a week long retreat.

Let’s face it Spanish retreats can involve slightly more expense, but tend to be more exclusive with fewer students per teacher. This means that the classes can involve more personal hands-on teaching relating to each individual needs. Offering a more personalised approach.

Yes, suddenly going abroad for a long weekend yoga retreat to take in some brilliant sunshine becomes something that could be added to the calender. Don’t forget to pack your mat and your sun lotion.

Ten Reasons You Should Try Meditation

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Ten Reasons You Should Try Meditation

I really enjoyed putting together yesterdays top activities in Morocco, so I thought I would keep to the same simple theme today, mainly because top 10s are concise and easy to read.  Ok you got me, less typing.  What can I say I want to head out any enjoy the sun this afternoon.  Its lovely here at Yoga Holidays HQ in London.

  1. Because it makes me happier overall. There’s nothing sophisticated about this, but if I had to pick one, this’d be it.
  2. Because it has transformed my asana practice. Without meditation, I strive to be in a state of love in practice. With meditation, I am in a state of love.
  3. Because I’m a more patient partner, mother, and friend on every single day that I meditate. Patience is a challenging gig some days.
  4. Because I’m homesick when I don’t meditate.
  5. Because there are moments of high-flying, intoxicating bliss during meditation (as long as I don’t go in expecting that).
  6. Because the world can be insane. So can I. It feels good to build a raft of sanity every morning.
  7. Because it’s humbling to meet my stubbornly busy head every morning while hoping to find a quiet head. This wouldn’t matter except that I sense it’s good for me to be humbled by something every day.
  8. Because my busy mind is stupefyingly exhausting.
  9. Because each day I like myself as I am is better than the days I spend trying to make up for what I’m not.
  10. Because I want everything yoga has to offer, inside and out.

By the way, I’m sure these are not the only good reasons to Meditate, if you can think of some others, please submit by comment below 🙂

Top 10 things to see and do in Morocco

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Top 10 things to see and do in Morocco

When we first headed out to Morocco to research good locations to run our Yoga Retreats we askeded fellow travellers to recommend activities that should not be missed by our yogis.  This is the list, we have not tried them all, but plan to when we head out to Morocco again this May.  If you can think of any other great activities in Morocco which you think we have missed please leave us a comment below.

1.Trekking, the Atlas Mountains

Whether trekking appeals to you or not, a trek through the Atlas Mountains can leave you flabbergasted at the heavenly natural beauty of the area.

2.Camel Trekking, Zagora

Unless you already have an affinity for these animals, you probably shouldn’t try a camel trek that lasts longer than a day. While the experience can feel authentic and provide an interesting way to see the sights, it can also make you feel sore and tired. Despite these after-effects, it is still well worth the effort.

3.Djemaa el Fna, Marrakesh

Go to this amazing city square festival to enjoy a conglomeration of acrobats, story tellers, musicians and snake charmers. Every night people of interest get together in the city square to entertain and delight (and of course, make some money).

4.Goats, Souss Valley – Agadir

If you want to see a truly unique and amazing sight, have a look at the goats of the Souss Valley. These goats naturally climb Argan trees in order to forage on the higher limbs. It is comical and astounding at the same time.

5.Windsufing, Agadir and Essaouira

If you prefer outdoor activities or simply feel like you need a little water on your skin, you should attempt this well-loved sport. These two destinations are famed for providing ideal conditions in which to windsurf.

6.Kasbah Glaoui, Telouet

This amazing relic conjures up images of horse-mounted Arab and Berber warriors riding through plains of Telouet. It is truly inspiring and well worth a visit.

7.International Arts Festival, Asilah

If you are an art lover and enjoy shopping, you have to make a trip to Asilah during the month of August. Every year an arts festival is held here and a riot of color and music grace your senses.

8.Souks, all through Morocco

Where ever you are you should always take a turn towards the local souks and feast your eyes. There is so much on display here that you can literally spend hours just looking at it all. Prices are usually not too bad either.

9.Skiing, Ouka’meden

Skiing season is between February and April and this wonderful, unassuming resort boasts a ski lift and terrain to suit all levels and styles. If you are fond of skiing you should definitely make a stop here.

10.Rock Carvings, near Ouka’meden

If ancient civilizations interest you, then no doubt you’d enjoy looking at these great pre-historic rock carvings of animals.

Yoga Holidays – Really getting away from it all

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Yoga Holidays - Really getting away from it all

Join us for an amazing Moroccan adventure in Essaouira. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this exotic seaside destination and experience a truly colourful and exciting culture.

With warm weather, an exotic culture, amazing food and stunning scenery, Morocco is an exciting tourist destination enjoyed by many. Our yoga holiday offers an opportunity to practice yoga twice daily, improving your current standard and working on asana and breath, building strength and flexibilty and spending time meditating, while also enjoying the exciting destintation of Essaouira at the same time.

We start our day with a 90 minute yoga class, followed by a delicious breakfast in the sun. The rest of the day is yours and there is so much to see and do and enjoy. Round off the day with an evening yoga class and meditation.

Essaouira means ‘Image’ and from any angle it is a beautiful picture to behold. Wander around the old city walls, the ramparts, and take in the Atlantic ocean, the harbour and the fishing boats. Stroll along the sandy beach and take a dip in the sea. Eat fresh fish straight from the boats, and enjoy the warm sea-breeze.

Essaouira stands on a vast bay that sweeps south with miles and miles of golden sandy beaches and wooded hills. The colours of the surroundings are blue, white and yellow, the colours of the people, the medina and the markets vast.

Essaouira is situated on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast and has long been a favourite tourist destination. It is situated apx midway between Marrakech to the North and Agadir to the South and can be easily accessed from both.

Between classes there is so much to do. Take a trip into the desert and witness rural life that hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. Enjoy some of the many luxurious and affordable Spas and Hammams for a variety of treatments from mud baths, massages and full body scrubs. Haggle for your bargains in the treasure-troves of market stalls and enjoy walks and swims along the sandy beaches. Take a camel trip, a horse ride or a Quad excursion into the desert or laze with a book in the Riad sipping mint tea and local delicacies and take daytime naps.

Wander the streets of the Medina, with market stalls, shops, cafes and restaurants. Experience a way of life of life so colourful and different to home, yet only a 3 hour fight away.

Yoga in such an exotic location is an amazing experience. Weather permitting we hold some classes on the beach to sunset. Situated close to Europe, but on the Continent of Africa, Morocco is like stepping into another world.

Research proves we want more from our holidays

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Research proves we want more from our holidays

According to the research organisation Mintel, we are starting to shun the “fly and flop” holidays and are looking for breaks that are far more fulfilling. We now want to be more active by cycling, walking and climbing. No longer are we content to slouch by the pool with a beer in close proximity, we actually want to get out there and embrace the local culture. At least a growing number of us do anyway.
And its not just physical activities that we are interested in either. Increasingly there are a growing number of tour operators offering a wide selection of self development holidays, including cooking, singing, writing, dancing, painting and yoga experiences.
We are now interested in developing our skills and broadening our horizons preferably in fascinating and inspirational places with like minded people.

Yoga Holiday’s – destress and relax

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Yoga Holiday's - destress and relax

Yoga is the perfect choice if you want to restore your inner balance after having experienced an energy-consuming period of life. In case you need more than a vacation for fast recovery, you should wisely combine some sessions of yoga therapy to one memorable holiday. This formula might take you by surprise, as it simultaneously explores several relaxation methods instead of one, but it is absolutely real. So, if this combination has already stirred up your interest, start surfing the internet for “yoga retreats.”

It is worth mentioning that yoga holidays or retreats have been developed on the very same structure as holiday packages. Still, yoga sessions are the defining elements of such special relaxation programs. In general, healing and meditation are fundamental during yoga retreats. As for traditional tourism, this kind of recreation comes in second place. Overall, wellness, and yoga retreats comprise healing via meditation, alternative relaxation possibilities, and last but not, first class accommodation. Furthermore, a yoga teacher will carefully supervise your temporary residence and activity throughout your spiritual vacation.

Wellness and yoga holidays may fall under various categories, always depending on the destination and the quality of the services, these programs usually consists of. No matter the class of the accommodation, or the destination, you will he helped to attain equilibrium. Such escapes are often the essential in recoveries from alcohol or drug addiction, eating disorders, and various emotional issues.

In case you are overwhelmed by work pressure, and assume there is no way out, think of yoga retreats instead. Such programs magnificently help you annihilate the side effects of a stressful period of time, as nothing in the world can guide you better to stepwise reach spiritual equilibrium and optimism. This way you will be able to successfully deal with all forthcoming issues in your life, and most importantly to overcome anguish, fear, or lack of self-esteem. After an exhausting year of work, nothing works better than yoga holidays