Research proves we want more from our holidays

February 17, 2011  |  Featured, Travel News  |  Share
Research proves we want more from our holidays

According to the research organisation Mintel, we are starting to shun the “fly and flop” holidays and are looking for breaks that are far more fulfilling. We now want to be more active by cycling, walking and climbing. No longer are we content to slouch by the pool with a beer in close proximity, we actually want to get out there and embrace the local culture. At least a growing number of us do anyway.
And its not just physical activities that we are interested in either. Increasingly there are a growing number of tour operators offering a wide selection of self development holidays, including cooking, singing, writing, dancing, painting and yoga experiences.
We are now interested in developing our skills and broadening our horizons preferably in fascinating and inspirational places with like minded people.

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