Ten Reasons You Should Try Meditation

March 30, 2011  |  Featured, Meditation, Yoga Tips  |  Share
Ten Reasons You Should Try Meditation

I really enjoyed putting together yesterdays top activities in Morocco, so I thought I would keep to the same simple theme today, mainly because top 10s are concise and easy to read.  Ok you got me, less typing.  What can I say I want to head out any enjoy the sun this afternoon.  Its lovely here at Yoga Holidays HQ in London.

  1. Because it makes me happier overall. There’s nothing sophisticated about this, but if I had to pick one, this’d be it.
  2. Because it has transformed my asana practice. Without meditation, I strive to be in a state of love in practice. With meditation, I am in a state of love.
  3. Because I’m a more patient partner, mother, and friend on every single day that I meditate. Patience is a challenging gig some days.
  4. Because I’m homesick when I don’t meditate.
  5. Because there are moments of high-flying, intoxicating bliss during meditation (as long as I don’t go in expecting that).
  6. Because the world can be insane. So can I. It feels good to build a raft of sanity every morning.
  7. Because it’s humbling to meet my stubbornly busy head every morning while hoping to find a quiet head. This wouldn’t matter except that I sense it’s good for me to be humbled by something every day.
  8. Because my busy mind is stupefyingly exhausting.
  9. Because each day I like myself as I am is better than the days I spend trying to make up for what I’m not.
  10. Because I want everything yoga has to offer, inside and out.

By the way, I’m sure these are not the only good reasons to Meditate, if you can think of some others, please submit by comment below 🙂

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