Top 10 things to see and do in Morocco

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Top 10 things to see and do in Morocco

When we first headed out to Morocco to research good locations to run our Yoga Retreats we askeded fellow travellers to recommend activities that should not be missed by our yogis.  This is the list, we have not tried them all, but plan to when we head out to Morocco again this May.  If you can think of any other great activities in Morocco which you think we have missed please leave us a comment below.

1.Trekking, the Atlas Mountains

Whether trekking appeals to you or not, a trek through the Atlas Mountains can leave you flabbergasted at the heavenly natural beauty of the area.

2.Camel Trekking, Zagora

Unless you already have an affinity for these animals, you probably shouldn’t try a camel trek that lasts longer than a day. While the experience can feel authentic and provide an interesting way to see the sights, it can also make you feel sore and tired. Despite these after-effects, it is still well worth the effort.

3.Djemaa el Fna, Marrakesh

Go to this amazing city square festival to enjoy a conglomeration of acrobats, story tellers, musicians and snake charmers. Every night people of interest get together in the city square to entertain and delight (and of course, make some money).

4.Goats, Souss Valley – Agadir

If you want to see a truly unique and amazing sight, have a look at the goats of the Souss Valley. These goats naturally climb Argan trees in order to forage on the higher limbs. It is comical and astounding at the same time.

5.Windsufing, Agadir and Essaouira

If you prefer outdoor activities or simply feel like you need a little water on your skin, you should attempt this well-loved sport. These two destinations are famed for providing ideal conditions in which to windsurf.

6.Kasbah Glaoui, Telouet

This amazing relic conjures up images of horse-mounted Arab and Berber warriors riding through plains of Telouet. It is truly inspiring and well worth a visit.

7.International Arts Festival, Asilah

If you are an art lover and enjoy shopping, you have to make a trip to Asilah during the month of August. Every year an arts festival is held here and a riot of color and music grace your senses.

8.Souks, all through Morocco

Where ever you are you should always take a turn towards the local souks and feast your eyes. There is so much on display here that you can literally spend hours just looking at it all. Prices are usually not too bad either.

9.Skiing, Ouka’meden

Skiing season is between February and April and this wonderful, unassuming resort boasts a ski lift and terrain to suit all levels and styles. If you are fond of skiing you should definitely make a stop here.

10.Rock Carvings, near Ouka’meden

If ancient civilizations interest you, then no doubt you’d enjoy looking at these great pre-historic rock carvings of animals.

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