Yoga break in the UK

Yoga break in the UK

A yoga break is what we all need from time to time. To recharge away from the big city and carve some time for yourself. Reconnecting to all of the positive elements in the present moment.

So many yogis and yogini’s have got in touch with us and outlined that there is no way they can afford £400 – £500 Yoga holidays, Yoga breaks or even Yoga weekends. Considering the current state and how we find ourselves in the UK and beyond. More people want to spend part of their holiday in the UK and they need it to be affordable. We responded by hitting the Yoga Wellbeing drawing board and coming up with the concept for the £99 Yoga Holiday. It’s the first Yoga Holiday for £99 and we are creating an opportunity for everyone to enjoy. Including unemployed yogis, elderly yogis and yoga loving families.

Yoga in London for some can become about fitting classes in and losing track of the main root. So we are trying to bring it all back to what’s important. Yoga outdoors, meditation good organic food, good people and an open fire. What more do you need.

So if you feel like the purse strings are a bit tight at the moment and that you can’t even take a break or holiday this year. Then this might just be the Yoga break for you. Click here if you would like to join us.

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