Yoga holidays in England

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Yoga holidays in England

We are all really excited for our first yoga retreat in Cornwall. Glamping with a view from the sea, great organic food, yoga on the beach and sitting around a fire star gazing. The £99 Yoga break got even better when we met Dan. Dan is our activity guru and has got plenty of activities in store for you if you would like an energetic break. Other yogis will prefer to sit in a meadow and meditate other may want to try something new. Whatever works for you if you fancy some aqua zorbing read on.

Yoga Holidays Activity List



Students are given snugly winter 5mm wetsuits and soft surfboards and are given professional, fun and engaging surf coaching from our British Surfing Association and International Surfing Association Instructors. These sessions last for around 2 hours, but as with all these activities, we can be flexible to suit your needs.


Armed with snugly winter 5mm wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets, the group is lead around a stretch of coastline at Rame Head. Most of the activity is based in the water, experiencing the rise and fall of the ocean around rock formations, gullies and caves. It’s so much fun, it’s like being in a washing machine and a natural water park all at the same time. We also do some traversing along the waterline and small jumps building up to fairly hefty ones at the end of the coast. There are some resident seals along this stretch of coast too as well as the occasional basking shark and sometimes dolphins. These sessions last for around 3 hours.

Aqua Zorbing

Cocooned inside a 2 meter diameter bubble of air, riders experience walking on water (but probably just falling with style and laughing lots!).  Dan runs an evening session on Sundays in the safety of the swimming pool at nearby Whitsand Bay Holiday Park. On still days when conditions allow, he also runs sessions in the sea.

Horse Riding

Dan is able to offer wild and woolly horse riding on Dartmoor for groups of 6-10 people


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  1. Hi Yoga Holidays,

    This £99 Yoga holidays sounds absolutely amazing. Just seen the photos on Facebook and it all looks so beautiful. Just wanted to say thanks for offering an affordable Yoga Holiday. So excited about joining you all for some relaxing yoga and meditation.



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