• Visit the Beautiful Sierra Espuña

    The Sierra Espuña is a vast mountain range and National Park situated in the very centre of the region of Murcia, with many walking trails, view points and places of interest its a fantastic place to hike or mountain bike through. If you are feeling really brave you can even try your hand at rock climbing or paragliding.

  • Sunshine State of Mind

    With over 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of at least 20°C the region of Murcia makes the perfect location to host our Yoga Holidays. Its is also known as being the Garden of Spain, for good reason. Cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, figs, pomegranates, quinces, pears, apples and almonds are plentiful from April through to November.

  • A Picture can Paint a 1,000 Words

    With stunning bright days for most of the year, the mediterranean sea lapping at its feet and the majestic Sierra Espuña a short drive away Puerto de Mazarron is a fantastic place to paint bright vibrant images. We offer painting courses suitable for complete beginners as an extra cost activity whilst on your holiday.

  • Learn to Dance between Yoga Classes

    For almost as long as man has existed he has used dance as a form of communication and personal expression. Spain is certainly no exception and is famed for its Flamenco, Bolero and Paso Doble. We have partnered with local Spanish teachers and are able to offer you fantastic dance classes which can be enjoyed as an extra cost activity whilst on holiday with us.

  • Practice Yoga Outside in the Sun

    Sometimes it's hard to see that yoga is far more than a physical activity. It's easy to rush to class to secure a spot in the studio without taking note of our surroundings. By getting outside into nature, you can experience yoga as it was originally intended. Being outdoors gives you access to a whole other world of sensations!


We Teach Yoga around the Sierra Espuña Regional Park in Murcia

The Sierra Espuña Regional Park is situated right in the centre of the Spanish region of Murcia between the ancient port of Cartagena and the holy town of Caravaca de la Cruz. With over 1,000 different plant species including black pines, gall oaks & juniper its very green, but there is more to this region than flora, the place is alive with animals too! Spanish ecologists have identified 8 local types of amphibians, 17 types of reptiles & 38 mammal varieties including badgers, bobcats and Wild boars. Keeping all these land animals company, there is an even larger group of 123 bird varieties. The diversity of bird life has earnt the park a Special Protected Area (SPA) status, if you are lucky you will see amongst other things tawny owls, booted eagles and golden eagles.

As you would expect for souther Spain the area offers a fabulous Mediterranean climate, an average annual temperature of 18ºC, hot summers (up to 40ºC max) and mild winters (on average 11ºC in December and January).

The coastal area surrounding the Sierra Espuña Regional Park boasts some of the finest beaches in Spain, outside of August which is peak season this untouched area is really quiet (except during the colourful fiestas of course!)

Yoga Holidays & Retreats in Spain

Our yoga holidays offer an opportunity to practice yoga twice daily, we will work on both asana and pranayama practice building strength and flexibilty, we will also place emphasis on meditation during which you can appreciate your beautiful surroundings!

Activities Around Sierra Espuña Regional Park

Outside of the yoga classes, the Sierra Espuña Regional Parkcan offer as much or as little as you want. A relaxing drink in the sun, a guided walk in stunning surroundings or perhaps a chance to practice your Spanish in a local village. If you want to be a bit more active we can recommend local businesses that can offer paragliding, climbing or mountain biking.


Situated in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain may be in the same time zone as France or Germany, however the pace of life us completely different! With is spectacular hill-top villages, shady olive groves, and sun-drenched beaches Spain offers the perfect backdrop to a holiday full of yoga, pampering and healthy eating.

Fast Facts
Capital: Madrid
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Language: Spanish, Plus the following dialects, Aranese, Basque, Catalan/Valencian and Galician
Religion: Roman Catholic Majority, plus Protestant & Muslim
Dialling Code: +34
Timezone: UTC +1