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Yoga & weight loss

May 2, 2012  |  Destinations, London Yoga, Yoga  |  Share
Yoga & weight loss

Yoga and weight loss seems to be a big issue at the moment throughout the yoga world. So we thought we would put together a little list to help you understand how yoga can be a route to healthy weight loss. The YogaWellbeing team bring awareness to the fact that it’s just one element that works towards overall wellbeing. The other factors to bring balance to are diet, sleep and relaxation.

How can yoga help?

Yoga is a Natural and Holistic approach to Weight-Loss. Practising Yoga for weight loss is something more and more people are learning about through Health care professionals, doctors, friends and health experts. By drawing from a combination of complementary techniques, including Simple and Easy Yoga routines to Mindfulness Meditation, Breath-Work, Guided Visualisation and Relaxation therapy will hopefully encourage the use of effective tools for working with the body – Holistically. This means that our mental approach to how we view our bodies can be re-patterned in order that we happily accept what nature has dealt us.

Yoga Retreat

The Yoga Retreat has been the focused approach to adapt an exercise routine from the wide array of yoga postures and style.  The main theme of the retreats is to assist individuals to progress towards a place whereby they have the continued determination to achieve a healthy and sustainable approach to life, embracing their on-going path towards physical and emotional Well-Being. An important part of the course will include instruction on Yogic Breathing (Pranayama) This section has been specifically tailored from the various forms of Yogic Breathing which will thereby help to increase the oxygen intake to all the body cells, which in turn increases oxidation and burning of fat cells. As the Yoga Therapy series develops, simple seated postures and sequences are added. We also introduce more heat into the routine to help work towards weight loss.

Therefore, the direct benefit of combining yoga exercises with yogic breathing is that weight loss is made easier as you’re not only burning energy, the yoga exercises also store energy so that it is ready to be burned off instead of being stored as fat within the cells of the body.

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